Mitsubishi Motors’ long awaited new generation Triton pick-up truck made its international debut in Thailand this week.

Presented for the first time in production form, Mitsubishi claims that the 2015 Triton one-tonner will be more efficient, offer high levels of safety and raise the bar for passenger car-like steering performance, quietness, and ride comfort across the LCV (Light Commercial Vehicle) class.

Fact is, the new Triton is effectively a restyled version of the current model on the same chassis, with small increases in passenger space but still with that giant rear overhang. It will be interesting to see if Mitsubishi has been able to alter the high floor/low roof structure of the current model, which makes it feel more cramped inside compared to other one-tonne dual cabs.

It is to be powered by a choice of two turbo-diesels, including the current 2.5 litre (131kW/400Nm) and a new all-aluminium 2.4-litre MIVEC engine (133kW/430Nm) with variable geometry turbo. Transmission choices include a new six-speed manual transmission or optional five-speed automatic.

Peak towing figures are yet to be revealed, although expectations of an increase from its current 3000 kg limit would not be unreasonable given that 3.5 tonnes is now the benchmark in this vehicle category. Not that we’d like to ever have to tow 3.5 tonnes with one these one-tonne utes, but that 3.5 figure is important from a marketing viewpoint.

Mitsubishi says the new generation model retains Triton’s working vehicle durability and load-carrying capacity without compromising passenger and drive comfort. It is designed to be as easy to manoeuvre as a passenger car, but then they all are these days.

With new exterior styling, the 2015 Triton is also claimed to achieve outstanding aerodynamic performance for a pick-up, contributing to Triton’s fuel efficiency and quiet performance while retaining traditional Triton styling cues. Fuel consumption figures are yet to be released.

It’s unfortunate that the excessive rear overhang seen on the previous model continues with the new one, because this can result in too much weight being carried behind the rear axle line, with a negative effect on steering response and handling.

The new model will be available in three body styles – single cab, double cab and club cab. Strategic placement of sound insulation materials is claimed to contribute significantly to improved cabin quietness.

Mitsubishi Motors Australia Executive Director of Marketing Tony Principe said the new generation Triton is designed to successfully perform the dual role of work truck and family car. Again, nothing ground-breaking there, because being able to perform those two roles really well these days is crucial to success in this highly competitive market segment.

The new generation Triton will be launched progressively in 150 countries across ASEAN, Oceania, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Latin America in coming months.

Now in its eighth year of sales, the current Triton continues to be the highest-selling Mitsubishi model in Australia. It achieved a best-ever sales result of 4,125 units in June 2014 thanks largely to run-out pricing on the venerable current model.

Mitsubishi Motors Australia will announce details of the new Australian specification Triton closer to its local launch in mid-2015. TJ

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