Ford has today given Australia – and the world – the first look at a rugged, seven-seater design called the Ford Everest Concept, which is the clearest indication yet of what the company’s long awaited Ranger-based SUV will look like.

The Everest SUV concept was created by Ford’s design and product development team in Australia, which also created the multi award-winning Ranger one-tonne pickup range which is sold in Australia and around the world.

Ford’s vision of the future was brought to life in a major event held at Fox Studios in Sydney to define what its fully imported local vehicle line-up will look like by 2017, after the company has ceased local vehicle production.

Among several Blue Oval top brass in attendance were Ford Motor Company Chief Operating Officer, Mark Fields and Ford Australia President and CEO, Bob Graziano.

“This is our vision for a large, seven-seat off-road SUV to allow our customers to take on the world and it was created by our world-class design team here in Australia,” Fields said.

“We believe our customers will love the distinctive design, which clearly showcases the Ford Everest Concept’s exceptional off-road capability and toughness.”

Fields said the Ford Everest Concept was unmistakably a new member of the Ford family, featuring an inverted trapezoidal grille set high on the front of the car which provides a strong clue as to where future Ranger styling may be headed. If so, it gets a big thumbs-up from us! TJ

4 Responses to Revealed: Ford’s new Ranger-based 7-seater ‘Everest’ SUV

  • Vic Pritchard says:

    Great looking vehicle , should appeal to a lot of people.

  • John says:

    Knowing Ford, it will probably be powered by a “piddley” 1.8 petrol or a 2.0 diesel. There are some of us (I bet quite a few) who would love to buy today’s vehicles with a “real” engine, of size. Where are the 4.5 petrol or 3.5 – 4.0 turbo diesels?

    • Mark Oastler says:

      Hi John. Being a derivative of the Ranger one-tonne pickup, I would think this new SUV will be powered by the Ranger’s current 3.2 litre five cylinder turbo-diesel and drivetrain. Not sure if they’ll offer a big-bore petrol option, though, given current buyer preferences for diesels and the impending death of the Falcon/Territory DOHC six. What I’ll also be really interested to see is how Ford treats its passengers in the third row of seats, because usually in ’7-seater’ SUVs they’re severely lacking in adequate space and comfort for adults.

  • Cameron says:

    Well, its styling is pretty conservative but so is the Land Cruiser 200 Series from which this Ford will surely steal market share. Especially if their pricing is ‘sharp’.

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