Imagine the possibilities” was the opening line of a print ad featuring this great photo of a Suzuki LJ50 4×4 on an inflatable raft that appeared in Australian off road magazines in the 1970s, when anything seemed possible during the early days of our RV boom.

The ad was for a company called 4×4 Australia P/L which in addition to being an authorised Suzuki 4×4 dealer also offered all kinds of off road and adventure equipment including “Avon inflatable Craft”.

The advert boasts that they were “the people who’ve really got it all together.” Guess that’s why they decided to put an LJ50 on a tiny inflatable raft with an outboard motor.

This photo certainly made us “imagine the possibilities” for the bloke on the back trying to steer the outboard while hanging onto the roof gutter with his fingernails. And check out the flex in the raft floor groaning under the weight of a nice new Suzuki 4×4. Hope he wasn’t going far.

We just can’t figure out how our intrepid adventurer got the LJ50 onto the raft in the first place? And how he was going to get it off again when he reached the other side?

If anyone knows how this story started – and more importantly finished – please contact Truck Jungle. Please. TJ

6 Responses to Photo of the Day: The Optimist

  • Vic Pritchard says:

    Great stuff! Just goes to show what can be done … or maybe .. Regards Vic.

  • Rodney Fiddaman says:

    My guess. Tie it firmly to the bank & very carefully reverse it on. Not sure that I’d want to be doing that alone though.

    On the other side, tie up again & simply drive off. It is a very capable 4WD after all.

    • Mark Oastler says:

      It’s the driving on and off that worries me, because of the spongy flexibility of the inflatable. I remember seeing a guy trying to do a similar thing with a Polaris off road buggy years ago. It all seemed to be going well until the front right corner dipped too much and the whole thing toppled into the water!

  • Alan salmon says:

    Simply the best,but the haffy beat it hands down?

    • Mark Oastler says:

      Thanks Alan. Excuse our ignorance but what does “haffy” mean? And how did it “beat it hands down”? We’re intrigued!

  • Alan salmon says:

    Haflinger 4×4 fantastic !

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