Mitsubishi’s Sport Utility Truck (SUT) design concept ‘GR-HEV’ that was unveiled at the recent Geneva International Motor Show is a good indicator of where the Japanese giant is heading with its next generation Triton one-tonne ute.

The company claims its latest SUT concept brings about further enhancements in environmental and driving performance, based on a combination of sedan or SUV-like comfort levels with the rugged practicality of its Triton Ute.

The exterior design sets it well apart from the current crop of one-tonne pickup trucks, combining flowing lines with a muscular look that provide good aerodynamics without compromising the functional elements of a pickup truck.

The GR-HEV certainly looks to be a more integrated and visually appealing design than the current model Triton, which continues to polarise opinions. It’s also 305mm longer than the existing Triton Crew Cab pickup and 130mm wider, but shares the same wheelbase and overall height.

Nice body detailing includes the company’s diamond motif applied to the LED headlamp system and LED rear combination lamp system.

The SUT concept uses a diesel-hybrid drivetrain with CO2 emissions of 149 g/km or below, aimed at achieving the highest levels of environmental performance in its class.

This comprises a 2.5 litre ‘clean diesel’ engine combined with an electric motor and battery that work together to maximise performance and economy like all hybrids do.

The drivetrain is Mitsubishi’s next-generation 4WD system that combines the company’s Super Select 4WD (SS4) and Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC) systems, which in people speak means switchable 2WD/4WD and dynamic stability control.

The SUT concept is also fitted with an AC power supply system to eliminate the need for carrying power generators in the vehicle, to enhance its convenience for use in leisure and work situations. We’ll watch these developments with great interest. TJ

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