1972 was a big year for the Dodge Truck division in the US, breaking the 300,000 unit annual sales barrier for the first time with a staggering production increase of almost 60 per cent.

Pivotal in that success was the new light duty Dodge pickup range which was all new from the ground up, following more than three years of planning, designing, engineering and testing and a huge (at the time) $50 million investment.

The new Dodge pickups were called “Life Style” trucks because a growing number of American car buyers were starting to choose pickup trucks instead, because of their ability to serve dual purpose roles – an honest hard worker during the week and a fun and practical escape machine on the weekend.

Several decades later, the dual-purpose appeal of the pickup truck in the US (and one-tonne ute in Australia/New Zealand) is showing no signs of slowing down. The demand has never been greater and the level of competition between the brands never hotter.

This classic TV commercial shown on US television proudly introduced the new-for-1972 Dodge pickup line and its dual-purpose appeal and car-like comfort is certainly pushed hard in the dialogue from just about every angle.

It all looks very ‘Bonanza’ in its presentation and feel – including the host! It’s a great time capsule that captures the booming US automotive scene in the early 1970s before the world’s first oil crisis struck. Enjoy.

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