If you’ve never seen a 700 hp V8 Trophy Truck in action, tighten your seat belts for a ride on the wild side with Californian off-road racing superstar Robby Gordon.

Trophy Trucks are designed to resemble everyday pickup trucks, but under their lightweight composite bodywork is a full length 4130 chome-moly tube frame with independent front A-arm suspension and twin shock absorbers per wheel that offer more than 700mm of travel.

Upfront is a full-house naturally aspirated V8 race engine generating in excess of 700 hp at a spine-tingling 8000 rpm. This immense power reaches the rear wheels through a modified automatic transmission and either a multi-link live rear axle or frame-mounted spool carrier with independent A arms either side.

Trophy Trucks are devastatingly fast and awesome to watch (some would say frightening), attracting huge crowds to famous off-road racing classics like the Baja 1000 and Baja 500 events held each year across the length and breadth of the Mexican peninsula’s brutal desert-like landscape.

Robby Gordon is the son of off-road racing legend ‘Baja Bob’ Gordon with a winning pedigree that includes seven SCORE International championships, three Baja 1000 wins, three Baja 500 wins and seven stage victories in the Dakar Rally to name a few. Yeah, this guy knows how to drive!

This first of two video clip runs just over a minute and shows Robby in pre-event testing for the 2008 Baja 1000 in his Chevy-powered Trophy Truck.

Shame about the head-banging heavy metal soundtrack that tends to drown out the roar of the big Chevy V8, but Gordon’s incredible car control alone makes it worth a click. And do yourself a favour – watch it in full screen mode!

Now that you’ve seen a Trophy Truck in action from the outside, it’s time to go inside with Robby for the first five minutes of the 2009 Baja 500.

The speeds he reaches through Mexican suburban streets jammed with spectators are beyond belief, as are the incredible revs of the Chevy V8 as it struggles to get all off its 700+bhp to the ground.

A real highlight of how off-the-planet hard they drive these monsters is at about the 3.00 minute mark as Robby approaches a slower competitor and sets up a pass. Won’t tell you too much from here, but he seems to be just as talented on two wheels as he is on four! This is awesome in-truck footage. TJ

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