If you enjoyed the challenge of driving the Jungle Truck in our first online video game, it’s time to shift up a gear for Jungle Truck II.

This time you’re at the wheel of a rugged Kamaz short wheelbase rigid 4×4, similar to the ones you normally see competing in the Truck division of the world famous Dakar Rally each year. Kamaz is not only one of Russia’s most prolific truck manufacturers, but its trucks have also won multiple Dakar titles.

Not that you’ll find blinding dust and vast Dakar-style deserts here. Instead there’s nine levels of truck-busting jungle terrain you must conquer against the clock, which becomes increasingly difficult with each level reached. The amount of mechanical damage is measured as you go and there’s a limited number of trucks available, so you can’t drive it like you stole it if you want to succeed.

This Kamaz truck is also more advanced than the first one. You still control it with the same four arrow keys on your keyboard (see How To) but this one has realistic suspension movement that makes it squat under power and nosedive under braking, just like a real truck. And the wheels spin if you give it too much throttle.

And you also have some neat set-up options this time, with a choice of three engine specs, three tyre tread patterns, three spring rates (even eight colour choices) to fine-tune the truck to your liking.

You’ll soon find that this tuning becomes compulsory from early on, as the standard set-up lacks the power and traction needed to progress beyond the easier early levels. So have fun and good luck! TJ

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