Truck Jungle first heard about this incident as breaking news on TV,  in which it was claimed a large commercial passenger jet in the US – stricken with front landing gear failure – was able to land safely thanks to the courage and quick thinking of a truck owner who used his pickup to cradle the plane’s nose wheel. Take a look:

Amazing stuff.  With the jet probably requiring a landing speed of more than 200km/h, we were stunned at the acceleration and top speed of the Nissan Frontier to get in front of the plane so quickly.

What really blew us away, though, was that the Nissan has a factory rated payload of just over one tonne, compared to the jet airliner which probably weighs about 60 tonnes.

So, even if the plane’s front wheel weight was less than half of that, how the mid-sized Japanese truck didn’t end up getting flattened like a pan cake is the stuff of miracles.

If we were cynical, though, we’d probably just say that thanks to today’s incredible computer generated imagery, this could well be another example of ‘viral marketing’ by a vehicle manufacturer wanting to stand out from the pack.

And if it was, then it worked, because we were silly enough to run it! TJ



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