Here’s a blast from the past that tells it like it is (or was),  long before today’s huge choice of imported, full chassis, one tonne trucks existed. Back in the 1970s, passenger car-based ‘unibody’ 3/4 tonne utes from local manufacturers Ford, Holden and Chrysler were an almost universal choice for the working man.

Ford’s XA-XB-XC series utes were rugged, good looking and popular, serving as the backbone of the company’s light commercial fleet from 1972-1978.

Available with a choice of six cylinder or V8 power, manual or auto, plus a typically long list of options, the styling was arguably the best of ‘The Big Three’ at the time, thanks in part to use of the two-door Falcon hardtop’s long and elegantly-shaped doors.

The absence of upper framing to support the window glass in these doors really added to the clean lines and airy cabin feel, although being so long and heavy they tended to sag on their hinges over time. No surprise that Falcon hardtops also suffered this problem.

You’ll note there’s nothing fancy in the production values of this very back-to-basics TV commercial for the then brand new XB Falcon 500 model – but that was the whole point.

It had to appeal to your typical hardworking, no-nonsense Falcon ute buyer at the time (played to perfection in overalls here by quintessential Aussie actor Max Fairchild). Just give ‘em the facts, mate! TJ




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